Uno de los fabricantes de más rápido crecimiento en la industria china de máquinas herramientas.

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Why choose JSTOMI?

(1) Our gang type CNC machine is very popular in the world.

(2) We have 20 years turning and machining experience.

(3) We have more than 10 years on design and manufacturing CNC lathe machine tools.

(4) We have a professional engineering team.

(5) We are ISO9001 certificated.

(6) Our capacity is about 150 sets per month to produce CNC lathe machine.

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Agent wanted

(1) Warmly welcome any people who is very interested in CNC machine to visit our factory.

(2) Warmly welcome any company has CNC customer sourcing to join our team.

(3) Warmly welcome any individual people who has CNC customer sourcing and want to develop your business in the future to join our team. 


Join our team, do win-win business together. 


Россия, Ижевск, ул. Гольянский поселок, 1.

Тел. +7-3412-77-65-50

Тел. +7- 922-521-01-21


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